Medical professionals, especially physiotherapists, can use the FITLIGHT Trainer™ to rehabilitate patients and also use the system for more complex diagnoses.


The lights can be specifically positioned by the physiotherapist to improve the mobility, strength, coordination and perception of an injured limb. By varying the position of the lights, the therapist can also train static and dynamic balance. The FITLIGHT Trainer™ can be programmed to increase repetitions as desired and increase difficulty as the patient improves.


The data collected by the system gives the physiotherapist concrete information that can be used to increase or decrease the training load and also help determine recovery time. All this is done under the control of the FITLIGHT Trainer™ programme set by the physiotherapist for the particular type of condition or injury.

Neurocognitive disorders


Sensory processing challenges are common in people with cognitive disorders. Training with light and sound stimuli provides stimulation for people with sensory processing difficulties.

The FITLIGHT Trainer™ provides a new, dynamic and visual framework to improve sensory and motor skills, perception and concentration, and responsiveness.

It enables functional and social learning for those affected by providing motivational exercises to improve mental resilience, perception and concentration.