Fitness / Personal Training / Tactics

The FITLIGHT is also an excellent training companion outside of competitive sports and professional therapeutic activities.

Whether for personal use at home, as a tool for professional personal trainers or for use in the field, FITLIGHT offers an optimal solution for all areas. Integrated into your own fitness programme, it not only simply adds variety to your training. It is an excellent motivator, increases focus and performance in training and ultimately improves the training effects. 

Training up to date

Equipment for military and police


The FITLIGHT Trainer™ is capable of measuring and tracking characteristics or movements required for the physically demanding tasks associated with tactical occupations.


The FITLIGHT Trainer™ can be used to perform various exercises including troop movement, speed and strength training exercises. Action and reaction time, peripheral vision and visual motor skills can also be measured with the FITLIGHT Trainer™. As part of an obstacle course, the FITLIGHT® can be attached to specific equipment to record mobility and obtain detailed split times between each obstacle on the course. This is useful to quantify how detailed aspects such as weight and volume of equipment affect mobility when performing tasks and duties in the field.